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Karen Adams

Karen Adams


Karen Adams

Founder CEO

Founder, Karen Adams has an extensive background in both corporate and smaller retail businesses and has worked for household names such as Oasis, Laura Ashley, Arcadia Group, Bhs International.

It was whilst supporting Bhs franchise stores in the Middle East and Greece that Karen was first impacted by the huge gains that can be made by extracting and analysing a store’s data and taking decisive action based upon it.

Karen introduced this approach to High Street designer menswear store Sefton in London’s fashionable Upper Street. For the past 7 years, Sefton has benefited from Karen’s insights, seeing profits rise incrementally year on year. With the knowledge of a proven, decades-old retail science under her belt plus 7 years of fantastic results using a home-made version of The Prosperous Shop, Karen felt ready to gather a team and take The Prosperous Shop to market.

'We want to democratise these powerful tools that have been beyond the reach of SME retailers for way too long.'

'The time has come. We are a strong team. We know retail. We're going to do something great for this generation of online and physical retailers.’