How it works

Choose your channel

Soon we'll be launching our platform's Beta. We believe it provides capabilities which are currently missing from the genre of retail business systems known as EPOS (electronic point of sale) and E-commerce (online stores).

We'll be providing Shopify support and adding more channels shortly after. If you have an online store, contact us now to find out more.

Our objectives

  • Avoid Empty Shelves

    lost sales due to out-of-stocks can cause your business to hemorrhage profits. We spot the early signs of fast sellers and predict likely out-of-stock scenarios before they happen. If you can't re-order the exact product, our early warnings allow you to source simiar alternatives.

  • Prevent Costly Markdowns

    Events such as Black Friday and January Sales, can wipe out profits if not managed carefully. We allow you to model markdowns so that you can see the overall profit impact before you finally decide which lines go on sale.

  • Grow Profits

    Every Monday morning, we'll send you a list of actions to take in your business. If actioned, they will lead to increased profitability in your business. We use a 50 year old retail science as the basis of our approach so no, it's not voodoo! The sum of many small tweaks in your business lead to increased profits.