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The Prosperous Shop

We exist to help your business grow


Smart tools for savvy retailers.


With smart technology, we present business data back to you, giving you advantage

All over the world, retail entrepreneurs just like you, sell thousands of products through your online and physical stores, yet many of you struggle to know what's selling, what's not selling or what decisions you should make for the good of your business.

The Prosperous Shop shows you; What's HOT, What's NOT and what you can DO about it. We do this with a single click integration when you connect your Shopify store to The Prosperous Shop. No more weekly spreadsheet sessions required in order to analyse your sales and stock position, trying to work out what to order and what prices to reduce. Here's how easy it is to get started;

Step 1: input your cost prices into our specially adapted product file that contains your entire Shopify product list or use our rapid COGS option to set up ALL your cost prices in two clicks.

Step 2: Have more than one location? Break out your inventory into our location columns in our specially adapted product file.

Step 3: You're ready to go!

  • Our simple yet powerful dashboards show you instantly, your most profitable as well as your problem areas.
  • The Prosperous Shop suggests actions which you can accept or amend.
  • We generate PDF purchase orders that you can download, print or email to your suppliers straight from the app.
  • We generate price markdown reports, so that your branch managers can check and action all red-pen markdowns in your stores.

Make more profit, save time, do more of what you love with those you love.

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Watch Esme's Story

The Prosperous Shop - Analytics and Insights for Retail

"With so many products to manage, I couldn’t keep on top of re-ordering!

Now every Monday I log in and The Prosperous Shop has a list of purchase orders ready to send."


We know our stuff

  • Retail professionals
  • We've walked in your shoes
  • Easy to use, affordable tools
  • Committed to your success

IBM Watson

  • An intelligent product
  • We get smarter as you grow
  • One step ahead
  • Giving you strategic view of your business

We get it

  • Entrepreneurship is hard
  • We understand the hustle
  • We help you reduce your risk through great decision making

See you in the future

  • We'll support your business growth over the long term
  • We bear the load, so you can do more of the things you love
  • We’ll support ethical growth, with GIVE-AS-YOU-GROW

How we help you grow

Our current features

COGS & Profit per SKU
Inventory by location
Actions & Insights
Auto Purchase Orders
Basic Planning
Goods Received Notes
Stock Allocation to Stores
Price Markdowns
Markdown checklist

How we support your business growth

1. We present your business in categories and show you at-a-glance, your healthy business areas

2. You can immediately gain a sense of the most urgent product categories to attend to

3. We’ve gone ahead of you and produced a list of actions to take that will keep you in stock and prevent stock pile ups

4. We allow you to monitor your inventory by location, showing you your most profitable locations.

Simple affordable pricing
* Stabilise + Optimise with 
Rapid COGS / What’s HOT / What’s NOT
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COGS and profit per SKU
Inventory by location
Actions and insights
Purchase orders
Basic planning
Goods received notes
Stock allocation to stores
Price markdowns
Markdown checklist

About us

Once upon a time, our founder Karen Adams, who worked in corporate retail, had an idea!

So she left corporate retail and set out on a mission to bring the best tools to everyone.

Eventually the grit and determination paid off and the mission attracted a great team of retailers, technicians, designers, investors and advisors. We are THE PROSPEROUS SHOP!

The Team

Karen Adams


Cello playing mum of trumpet playing 11yr old. Passionate about equality

Jay Desai

Project Manager - Team Player

Loves cooking & combat sports.Dad of 2 Jiu Jitsu loving boys

Kadosa Orosz

Front end dev

Loves yoga & global work/travel. Passionate about sustainable living

Alex Clark

Creative lead-Design Thinker

Loves travel, cycling, running, art, tech. Dad of 1.

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